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What diet food looks like

FAQ's to answer all your queries

  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Diet Program customized as per your routine and food likability
  • Workout program customized as per equipment availability
  • Text support (except Sundays)
  • Calls as per schedule (except Sundays)
  • A kitchen weighing scale.
  • A measuring tape
  • A mirror
  • Some dumbbells at home or a gym subscription, and your will to work out.

Students will be getting 15% off on every package upon providing their age proof and college/institution ID.

You will get a diet chart tailored according to your goals and needs, and a workout chart that will help you reach your goal.
If you’re someone who eats out mostly, you can tell your coach about it and they will sort your diet accordingly. And for a workout, you can get a customised plan that you can do within the time limit you have.
By scheduling a call with our coach
Yes, we have an in-house gynaecologist that’d be reviewing your diet.
There is a reason why we ask you to join the gym or buy dumbbells at home. Resistance training is imperative for fat loss. It helps you to retain your muscle mass. Do you want good looking biceps and a toned body? Do you want to age better? Do you want to make your bones stronger and lift weights, irrespective of your gender? Working out is the answer to all this.
It’s upto you, if you can complete your protein intake from food, great, then you won’t need whey. Otherwise you can take it.