Akhila Vadrevu

Nutrition and Fitness Coach
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness (INFS)
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Hello, I'm Akhila, a certified nutrition and fitness coach from INFS. My true passion lies in promoting healthy lifestyles through sustainable, balanced diets, and fitness routines. With 4 years of experience in practice and advocacy, I lead by example, embodying my motto: practice what I preach. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey to achieve your health and wellness goals!

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Duration: 12 Weeks


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ramya Arun
Best mentor

The best person I have in my life right now is Akhila who thinks about my health the good decision I have taken for my health is Akhila who keeps me reminding every single time to give me best through her knowledge through her daily chaos. The best person who is already had so much in a day today lifestyle but still she has a time for us and she makes time for us. With do all respect love I just like to continue my health journey, weight loss journey Akhila thank u for being with me for my health benefits Thank you she’s works hard. Damn good.

Great experience so far

Enrolled to reduce weight and to increase my overall energy levels. I can see visible change in both my health and weight in my first month of the plan.
Akhila is addressing my every concern and doubts and she is easy to reach at any time of the day.

vignesh suresh

Amazing guidance by Ms Akhila. She has understood the requirements very nicely and has given good support in my weight loss journey.

Best Decision to take care of myself by 12 week enrollment with akhila

I am Mother of three amazing children who takes all of my energy and love towards them , I totally forgot to take care of myself. After two c-sections really impacted my body. I am so glad that I enrolled myself with akhila who is a life saver in my life when I was going through a lot of heath issues, I had umbilical hernia pain , knee pain , Menstrual pain which eventually resolved with her guidance on diet and exercise, I lost 6 kg of weight already and loosing every week, I am learning a lot from her it really doesn’t feel like a coach when you talk to her it feels like a friend to you who builds your confidence, tells you how is your physical and mental health so important.
Having her on my side I feel I will definitely achieve my goals and will continue a better healthy lifestyle ahead
Thank you so much akhila, you are the best

Vilok reguri
My Transformative Fitness Journey: From uncertainty to confidence.....Ongoing

I enrolled in Akhila's 16-week fitness program with the initial goal of losing my belly fat and building muscle. Initially uncertain about my fitness journey, I needed more clarity on dietary choices and workout effectiveness. Not being a regular gym-goer and having an aversion to weightlifting, Akhila provided valuable guidance on the significance of a balanced diet and tailored workouts for fat loss and muscle building.

Under her guidance, I embraced a gym routine, learned suitable workouts, and gained insights into optimal food intake. Akhila's advice on easily accessible nutritious food items was beneficial. Throughout the journey, I experienced a boost in confidence and energy as I successfully shed a good amount of belly fat. Dealing with occasional intense food cravings, Akhila's consistent follow-ups on diet and workouts were instrumental.

Akhila's support and knowledge of healthy food habits and the importance of protein played a pivotal role in my progress. I am grateful for her guidance, which has significantly shaped my fitness journey, leaving me more confident and energetic.