Kapil Wajapey

MBBS DNB ( General Medicine CCEBDM )
  • Aksha Hospital Bengaluru (2020-present as a Consultant Physician)
  • Civil Hospital Belgaum(2010-2011) as an Intern
  • Prabha Eye Hospital (2022-present as a Consultant Physician)
  • The Bangalore Hospital Bengaluru(2013-2016 as a resident in General Medicine 2016-2020 as a Registrar and Consultant Physician and 2022- present as Consultant Physician)
  • Trustwell Hospitals(2019-present as a Consultant Physician)

As someone who believes that prevention is better than cure, I am passionate about helping patients achieve their best possible health. I am a student of evidence-based practices and have extensive experience in providing online medical consultations, telemedicine, and e-prescriptions. 

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