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I’m Vivek Gupta , an experienced fitness coach who is passionate about helping individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their fitness goal with personalised training and diet plans that maximise results while prioritising safety and sustainability.

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Customer Reviews

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Aditya Goel
Stronger & More Energized Thanks to Vivek!

Vivek isn't your typical fitness coach, he's knowledgeable and supportive, guiding you towards fat loss without feeling like you're being squeezed dry.

His expertise shines through in the way he subtly transforms an ordinary diet into one that’s rich in protein, without you even realizing the changes. As someone who works full-time and travels frequently, maintaining a consistent diet can be challenging. However, Vivek’s guidance made it surprisingly manageable. He’s the kind of coach who goes the extra mile, and stays in touch, even when you’re too busy to report your progress.

Since working with Vivek, I’ve noticed a significant boost in my strength and energy levels, and I’m lifting heavier weights at the gym. I’m also on the verge of achieving my goal of a flat tummy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Vivek to anyone seeking a dependable and encouraging mentor for their fitness journey without feeling overwhelmed.

First review

Vivek's methodology is practical .
He knows his craft. You may take many detours but he nudges you to your goal. I ve realised if you follow him to the core results start showing from week 1.

Honest Feedback

I struggled with weight gain suddenly after some health issues and lifestyle changes. tried various hacks diets and coaches till I met Vivek.
With him, realised the power of persistence. I stumbled gave up multiple times because of professional and personal reason but he was always around motivating, guiding. As a result i am enroute to the best shape of last decade. Not posting pics because he has told me we will post pics after we achieve our end goal- Abs at 42!

Honest review

It's been around a month since I'm taking training from Vivek Sir. He understands the underlying issues in one's transformation journey which are unique for everyone and devices a plan suiting one's needs, he is supportive and kind when it comes to making somebody push their limits and his work ethic and availability is at par of what he claims to be. You need not think twice to start your journey with sir if you want a mighty cheerleader who'll take you out of that rut on most days while letting you go slow on some. ✌️

Vivek is amazing

It has been 1 month since I registered with Vivek and I am already enjoying getting trained under him. Vivek is truly inspiring and he keeps motivating me. If anyone is looking for nutrition & fitness coach, Vivek is your go-to coach. I highly recommend Vivek. Thank you Vivek for encouraging and guiding us.

Huge Thanks to Vivek for Turning My Fitness Around

Let me shout out to Vivek,
I never thought getting fit could be fun. I was totally out of shape and Vivek listened to my goals (like getting stronger and feeling less winded) and built workouts that challenged me without killing me. Despite my Thyroid and Prediabetic condition, he helped me with achieving my goals.

Thanks to Vivek's coaching, I've crushed my goals! I'm stronger, fitter, and can even run a decent distance now. But the biggest change? I actually enjoy working out!

Simple Yet Effective Plan

I have had the pleasure of training under the guidance of Vivek. His approach to fitness is truly remarkable. What sets Vivek apart is his ability to simplify fitness.

He doesn't overwhelm you with complex exercise plans or hard-to-follow diet charts; instead, he provides the simplest yet most effective plans. My fitness level and overall health have significantly improved since following his guidance.

What I appreciate most about Vivek is his motivation. His encouragement and support have been instrumental in keeping me focused and committed to my fitness goals.

He goes above and beyond to ensure that the workout and diet plans are tailored to my specific needs and goals, making the journey enjoyable and sustainable.

I highly recommend Vivek to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health especially if you are a working professional.

Nakul Gupta

Supportive and helpful

Queenal Vrishni
A friend, Coach and a Protein Guy :)

Vivek isn't your average fitness coach. He's more like a witty cheerleader who hold a protein shaker in one hand and a perfectly tailored workout plan in the other. Forget pushy drill sergeants – He is all about working with you, not against you.
I used to be a sprinter and used to run sprint like 100m,200m or 400m. During his training I found a new interest in long run and now 5K is the new norm for me and I see myself going for a long run in future.
So, Vivek, thanks for the laughs, the gains, and the constant protein reminders.
If you're looking for a fitness journey that's equal parts sweat and laughter, look no further than Vivek. Just be prepared for a lifetime supply of protein puns.
P.S. Don't worry, I'm still working on conquering my burpee phobia. But hey, baby steps, right?

Thank you!

Shailendra Kumar Sahu
Your honest companion in transformation journey

I was chasing my weight loss dream since two years in the lane and then I enrolled under Vivek da for more clarity and measured mentorship. To be very honest, I was never 100% adhered to my workout plan Or diet because of traveling and workload but he guided me as per my criteria. I have lost 6kgs till now and lots of inches on belly fat. I'm about to achieve my flat Tummy dream soon just because he guided me as per my schedule and timings.
Motivation and possitive approach towards achievements is one of most powerful tool he has. Learning so much with him.
Everytime I stucked at any point, he guided me and made me feel that I'm going with good flow. 10/10 recommended to anyone looking for weight loss journey.