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I’m Vivek Gupta , an experienced fitness coach who is passionate about helping individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their fitness goal with personalised training and diet plans that maximise results while prioritising safety and sustainability.

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Customer Reviews

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Nakul Gupta

Supportive and helpful

Queenal Vrishni
A friend, Coach and a Protein Guy :)

Vivek isn't your average fitness coach. He's more like a witty cheerleader who hold a protein shaker in one hand and a perfectly tailored workout plan in the other. Forget pushy drill sergeants – He is all about working with you, not against you.
I used to be a sprinter and used to run sprint like 100m,200m or 400m. During his training I found a new interest in long run and now 5K is the new norm for me and I see myself going for a long run in future.
So, Vivek, thanks for the laughs, the gains, and the constant protein reminders.
If you're looking for a fitness journey that's equal parts sweat and laughter, look no further than Vivek. Just be prepared for a lifetime supply of protein puns.
P.S. Don't worry, I'm still working on conquering my burpee phobia. But hey, baby steps, right?

Thank you!

Shailendra Kumar Sahu
Your honest companion in transformation journey

I was chasing my weight loss dream since two years in the lane and then I enrolled under Vivek da for more clarity and measured mentorship. To be very honest, I was never 100% adhered to my workout plan Or diet because of traveling and workload but he guided me as per my criteria. I have lost 6kgs till now and lots of inches on belly fat. I'm about to achieve my flat Tummy dream soon just because he guided me as per my schedule and timings.
Motivation and possitive approach towards achievements is one of most powerful tool he has. Learning so much with him.
Everytime I stucked at any point, he guided me and made me feel that I'm going with good flow. 10/10 recommended to anyone looking for weight loss journey.

A mentor in your fitness journey who is always available to take your calls

I came across over through Twitter and what a journey this has been. His diet chart and his workout video helped me a lot to grow in Gym. Moreover he has this specimen that no matter how busy he might be, he will address your query instantly and give you a callback at an instant. Always available. Goes extra mile to check on you often. There was a time where I was not communicating well enough on my progress as it halted for a few weeks, he kept checking on me. In this online coaching industries I have often come across where Coaches ghost their clients, but not with Vivek bhai. He is an utmost genuine guy to start your fitness journey.

Empowered by Vivek: A Quiet Triumph in Fitness

Coach Vivek has been instrumental in my fitness journey, guiding me through a transformative experience that surpassed my weight loss and muscle gain expectations. His personalized approach tailored both diet and workout plans to my unique needs, making the process effective and sustainable. Vivek's motivational prowess created an enjoyable atmosphere during workouts, pushing me to surpass my limits. His emphasis on proper form and technique ensured not only physical transformation but also injury prevention. Under his guidance, I not only shed unwanted pounds but witnessed significant muscle growth. Beyond the visible results, Coach Vivek instilled discipline and commitment, fostering a lasting mindset shift.