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Nutrition and Fitness Coach
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I'm Abhishek Singhal, a dedicated nutrition and fitness coach. Passionate about the transformative power of home-cooked meals and tailored fitness plans, I guide individuals to their healthiest selves. Let’s harness the magic of your kitchen and unlock your potential, one meal and workout at a time!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
NPS score: Multiple time a week
This is to understand if you like the diet and are able to adopt to it.: Feels personalized
How are you enjoying your workouts assigned by the coach: Fun & challenging
Is there anything we can do to make this experience better: Excellent
This will help us make PFC Club and our services better for you: A little more customisation as per different region cuisine
Purely based on progress made so far:
On point, satisfied
Not satisfied
Amazing trainer. Great progress after starting his program.

Abhishek has been a great support since I’ve started the program with him. He always checked up on me daily for diet and workout.

I had struggled with weight loss for a long time, after multiple attempts by myself the progress used to be very inconsistent.

After enrolling into his program, there’s a clear science backed plan which he prepared for me.

I was weighing 105 kgs at the start and reduced to 95 kgs within a span of 12 weeks.

His diet and workout routines were flexible and changing every week depending on the progress. Plan was very personalised.

He’s not just a PT but a accountability partner which is very essential through Weightloss and transformation journey.

Abhishek jain
Great experience with him

I got in touch with him through PFC club and it was first time that i was about to follow a diet. Abhishek coaching was spot on and was very cooperative in terms of response to the queries i had. Keeps asking in every checkin do u want anything to add in diet u love to eat so that we dont get derailed from diet..Only bcoz of this i was able to shredd 5-6Kgs in almost 5 weeks...Will recommend his coaching anytime...👍👍

Rahul Singh
Great fitness coach

I found him an exceptionally well coach. Treat you and motivate you as a friend. During my fitness journey he has helped a lot, And it is because of him only I was able to shed around 5kgs in little span. He remains constantly in touch and guide well towards the goal.

Nice experience

As a fitness coach, he was very understanding, supportive, and friendly. Though it was a short time, it was a nice experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Shagun mittal
Motivating and fun Weight loss journey

I started working with Abhishek a few months ago with the goal of losing weight. But this journey became more than weight loss to me. Unfortunately after joining this program, I got derailed due to so many personal problems that i didn’t have time to cook as suggested by coach but Abhishek managed it all for me. He listened patiently and advised me different options which meet my nutritional goals and quick to arrange/make. He is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and created a personalized plan that fit my lifestyle. Only after joining this program, i learnt about my vitamin deficiencies. Abhishek’s guidance to improve my nutritional parameters improved my sleep patterns and active energy.

Abhishek is highly motivating who catch up on daily basis and keep us on path with his amazing patience level. He also provided recipes, excercise routine, you tube links etc during the program.
Thanks to his guidance, I've lost 6 kg weight in 2.5 months without skipping my meals and feel more energetic and confident than ever before. If you're looking for a supportive and effective weight loss coach, I highly recommend coach Abhishek.

Exceptional Fitness Journey with my coach and friend Abhishek

I found him in Twitter. From the very first day he was not only a trainer but a friend for me. He was like our strict but favorite school teacher who used to ask about our daily task but never demotivated us if we failed to do the daily task once in a week. He has been a motivator for me to get me on track on from the very next day. Not only I have lost weight but also my unhealthy life style has been changed. Thank you Abhishek.

Gurvinder Singh
Great For working professionals like me

I had been struggling to get back to the gym due to wfh job and long break after COVID. Abhishek helped me with my diet and workout plans. It was refreshing to see him being more committed on my fitness than myself. I never imagined that I'll be able to get back on track with my workouts. But not only was I able to achieve that, I was also able to follow a proper diet which fit my daily routine in a household setting. I shed more than 6 kgs in 2-3 months and had a massive boost in my confidence. Thanks a lot Abhishek bhai.

Himanshu Bhanushali
Transformative Fitness Journey

After undergoing 4 months of training with him, I can confidently say it has been an transformative journey. Abhishek consistently provided me with a sustainable diet plan tailored to my needs and preferences. Remarkably, he never once asked me to give up my beloved chai & soya chunk + dahi, demonstrating his understanding of my lifestyle and commitment to achievable goals. Thanks to his expert guidance and encouragement, I not only managed to shed 7 kg but also experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being and fitness levels.

Throughout the program, he was always there to address any questions or concerns I had regarding my diet or exercise regimen, ensuring I stayed motivated and on track towards my goals.

As we now work towards a bigger goal scheduled for September, I fully trust in Abhishek's expertise and commitment to helping me achieve my goal. I am grateful for the positive impact he had on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking professional guidance and support in their fitness journey

saumya .
The best Fitness Coach and Exercise Ethusiast

Exercise is the king and Nutrition is the Queen.. If both come together you have got the kingdom they say .. And it is only possible through right guidance and mentorship .. Abhishek you have always been an excellent nutritionist and fitness coach .. After Pershing your diet plan .. I am on the way to becoming more fitter and Stronger . You have always guided me throughout my meals for the entire day when I am away from home at work . You have always suggested me healthy options to keep me full for long and so that I donot tend to eat unhealthy outside food ..
You have throughout my plan been my motivator and Successor .
You will continue being my lifetime coach through my life ..
I wish you many more success and fitness and may you keep helping us in our fitness goals 👍🏽👏⭐️

Akshay Raj Purohit
No nonsense approach to fitness

Generally there are many myths associated to fitness like getting fit requires one to train heavy in gym, following complex diet, starving etc. In my first conversation with abhishek he cleared all those myths by saying akshay bhai we’ll keep things simple.
He designed a diet plan keeping in mind my dietary preference, working schedule. He shared images of meals, workout videos regularly which motivated me to follow the plan. I didn’t follow the plan for a few days but abhi was very supportive of it .We had daily check-ins and weekly calls. I was enrolled with various coaches too but found abhishek’s approach effective and simple to do . Abhi gave his 200% efforts and i lost close to 7 kgs during that period. Posting this review after 5 weeks of my plan expiry and i haven’t gained weight at all. Thankyou abhi for being very understanding, supportive during the program and even now too.