Kamal Saini

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • Contest prep Specialist
  • INFS Clinical Nutrition
  • INFS diploma in fitness and Nutrition
  • INFS Exercise Science Specialist
  • INFS Foundation and Expert
  • NASM
200+ Transformations

Hi there, I’m Kamal Saini, and I’m passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals in a sustainable way. As a certified online fitness coach, I work with clients all over the world to create personalized fitness plans that fit their unique needs and lifestyles.

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Duration: 12 weeks


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Great mentor and guide

Kamal sir has had a significant impact on my fitness journey since I started working with him. His knowledge is immense and he always gives you confidence that you’ll do better. Even when I went off for a few days or a week, Kamal sir guided me to how let bygones be bygones and focus back on the routine. In a nut shell, Kamal sir ensures that he supports you both physically and mentally, during your journey with him. Highly recommended!

Swapnil Thakur
Training with sir for over 20 weeks now

From day one, he's been dedicated to understanding my fitness goals, and his unwavering support has been instrumental in my bulking journey. His consistent communication and tailored workout plans have not only helped me achieve significant gains but have also kept me motivated every step of the way. Thanks to his expertise and encouragement, I've seen remarkable progress & I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals effectively. I believe the results could have been even better if I had been able to give my absolute best. Haha

Great coach

I started strength training after Kamal sir coached me, he gave me custom diet and continuos feedback even being remote. The daily routine have changed not only my body but also improved my health. Love this journey 😊

Rahul Rohila
The super coach / Mentor

Kamal Ji, such an amazing person and perfectionist coach i must says, under your guidance im able to transform myself a little bit and going on, your timely guidance and readily availability for your mentee's to answer small questions is a key to success. A wonderful human being whom i met (online only), who educate me on path of fitness. Wishing you good health and success always.


Best in the town, kamal bhaiya makes the path so easy and achievable that every morning i feel like i am getting closer to my goals

Best Friends forever....

Kamal Saini, my fitness coach and nutrition expert, has been a transformative force in my life. His expertise and guidance have propelled me towards remarkable physical and mental growth. With his personalized approach, Kamal has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but has also instilled a deeper understanding of nutrition and wellness. His dedication, motivation, and knowledge have been instrumental in shaping me into the best version of myself. I am truly grateful for his support and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a holistic transformation. Kamal Saini is more than just a coach; he's a life changer.

Adhatre Kunduri
Koach Kamaal!

I've known Kamal bhaiya for quite some time now, and having seen his journey to becoming a top tier professional bodybuilder, I approached him about coaching and mentoring me. Thankfully, he graciously accepted. Under his guidance, I've learned a multitude of things, ranging from nutrition and training techniques to cultivating a winning mindset. Kamal bhaiya's expertise seems limitless, and he's consistently supportive of his mentees. His dedication to the fitness industry is unparalleled, making him a true inspiration and role model for many.

Waivaw Srivastav
Best in the Business

I have been enrolled under him for over three months, and I can, without any second thoughts, vouch for everything that is being said/written about him.

The most important aspect about training under him is that he customizes the training program aligned with the goal of his clients and availability of resources. Also, one can come out a lot more than just an average bodybuilder/athlete, while being associated with him, because of the brilliant expertise and knowledge he possesses and dispenses during the course of the journey.

Parveen Kumar

Kamal Saini

Gaurav Bhardwaj
Very helpful

I am glad that I could get guidance of Kamal Ji to get back on fitness routine.

I was initially sceptical about taking professional guidance to resolve my lifestyle induced issues such as fatty liver, high SGPT/SGOT, but I nonetheless took it and it really did wonders for me.
I have all blood markers within range now.
All thanks to dietary recommendations and fitness regime suggested by Kamal ji.

It was particularly the change in diet which helped me over come lethargy and push my myself more daily with increase in my ability to lift more and walk more.
I don’t think I could have achieved all of it on my own..

So yes I would definitely recommend Kamal ji.