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Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • GGFI (Gold Gym Fitness Institute)
  • INFS (Nutrition & Fitness consultant)
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Hi! My name is Nilesh Meshram. I am a certified Fitness (GGFI) and Nutrition (INFS) coach. It has been almost 8 years I have been in the world of fitness be it working on my own self or training others.As a coach I focus on being results oriented and driving my clients potential to achieve their goals. I strongly believe that both the client and coach have to be equally invested in the journey . For me fitness is a lifestyle, not hobby so I focus on building customised plans according to your individuality, schedule, and preferences so that fitness is a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life. So, If you've decided to change your lifestyle, make a difference and set an example, enrol with me.

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Customer Reviews

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NPS score: Multiple time a week
This is to understand if you like the diet and are able to adopt to it.: Feels personalized
How are you enjoying your workouts assigned by the coach: Fun & challenging
Is there anything we can do to make this experience better: Good
This will help us make PFC Club and our services better for you: It would be better if one gets to know what goals are to be achieved to keep onself fit. Like what's the ideal weight to be maintained, bmi etc from individual persepective. , We should what's the holistic approach towards health, what's the role of other things like meditation, yoga, breathing, running etc in our fitness, May be reduce the fees if possible.
Purely based on progress made so far:
On point, satisfied
Not satisfied

It has been a wonderful three month journey being coached by Nilesh in taking care of my diet, nitrition and physical fitness.
He helped me loose around 6 kgs in 3 months. The change is very much visible and well appreciated by myself and those who live with me. I feel more light, active and confident.
Nilesh has been very helpful in guiding me in this journey and has answered all my queries with a lot of patience and clarity.
Thanks to PFC.