Anjali Khadamkar

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Fitness (INFS)
20 Transformations

Hello, I am Anjali, your PFC club coach. Fitness is a lifestyle and not just a short-term goal. Over the past three years, from being a full-time mom and dealing with extreme weight gain and postpartum stress, I decided how I wanted to better myself each day. I lost 20 kg without starving myself, and fixing some lifestyle habits helped me.Fitness is my passion, and I got this great opportunity to make my passion my profession.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
NPS score: Once a week
This is to understand if you like the diet and are able to adopt to it.: Feels personalized
How are you enjoying your workouts assigned by the coach: Fun & challenging
Is there anything we can do to make this experience better: Good
This will help us make PFC Club and our services better for you: It would be good if coach can train personally in gym once a month
Purely based on progress made so far:
On point, satisfied
Not satisfied
Best mentor and coach for the fat loss journey

I've reduced 10 kg of weight thus far, gaining muscle and losing the most fat.

In February of 2024, I embarked on my weight loss adventure with Anjali. At the time, I weighed about 100 kg and was really overweight. I really benefited from Anjali's customised diet and exercise plan. She gave me motivation to lose weight. I got quality muscles and reduced 10 kg in 4 months with the right instruction and consistent work.

Anjali is an excellent instructor or mentor for weight loss programs. The secret to achieving your objective is consistency.

Great experience

It's great experience with Anjali
I had started my fitness journey with her
It help me out to correct my eating habits
Still long to go....
But now I am conscious about what I am eating .

Very Helpful and nice person

I have completed my 3 months with Anjali ma'am.
I have reduced 4kg.She is very supportive and she adjust the diet and workout as per our daily routine.The diet plan was very simple.Thank you so much Anjali ma'am

skinny fat fix

Lost 5 kg.
-timely communication

Rohit Rohit
Waste of money

Not getting proper regular response

Glad to have superb coach Anjali mam name is Sheetal...
I am home maker and mother of two kids... One is 9yrs n other is 1.5yrs...
Aftr marriage my lifestyle becomes completely sedentary.. I gain whopping 25kg weight in 10yrs of marriage ... I was completely stuck at home with all responsibilities.. I start looking older than my age.. I tried random plans from utubers and fb.. nothing works for me.. I purchased famous dietations books about weight loss but nothing helps me.. I got frustrated cz of my looks.. I go plus plus from size M to size xxl... N at one point some xxl clothes also get tight for me.. I loose my self confidence... I completely forgot to take care of myself regarding many things.. But fortunately at some point I got to know pfc club.. aftr observing all coaches in WhatsApp group...I found Anjali mam helpfull.. and I decided to take her my mentor.. I found most of things relatable with her.. I found her diet is simple, easy, tasty and nutritious.. She is just amazing in making food and pairing it with healthy options.. I get connected with her day to day basis.. I found a best friend insted of only coach .. I can able to share my day to day struggle related to baby n all.. she always supports me... With her proper guidance I loose 9kg in just 12weeks program.. I wish I could be more precise then results get more better.. but I can give only my 90% n rest I couldn't cz of babies irregular time schedule n cz of that mental disturbance.. but still I come a long way.. managing all my duties.. staying at home.. taking care of my kids.. I can found time for myself... N from 84.4kg I reach 75.3kg in just 3months.. It's mind blowing... I will again rejoin my course with my coach Anjali mam.. I recommend her to everyone who is struggling to loose weight n getting fit..
Thank you

Amazing diet plan

I started my weight loss journey with Anjali she is very friendly and supportive coach manier times i was demotivated because of my medical conditions but she always supported me and made me believe in myself i lost around 6 kgs in 1 and half month by following her diet plan and exercise but because of my medical conditions i have to take a break from my journey but if i will again start my journey i will definitely enroll with Anjali again..

My Weight Loss journey

Anjali is very positive and amazing Coach. She is always available to answer every single doubt. She plans the diet by considering your daily routine, favorite food and health issues.
Best part of diet plan is it is just simple homemade food (No Medicine, No heavy workouts, No starving). The diet plan makes you feel full and of course all the food which she includes is good for our overall health, mood swings, no hair loss and keeps our mind fresh and full of energy.
I must say that after starting my weight loss journey from 66.5kg to 62.3kg, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better! My metabolism has increased and have sorted with the lots of health issues.
I have learned a lot about nutrition, diet, exercise (Specially weight training), portion control, importance of protein, calorie counting and disease prevention food(specially for lowering Triglycerides).
Thank you, Anjali Mam, :)

My transformation journey

It has been an eventful and a journey full of learning. It couldn't have been possible to achieve this without your mentorship and guidance.

Anjali mam itself had a wonderful journey towards fitness and I resonated with her journey. Hence I went ahead with her. I am glad i made the correct choice. In our first call itself she understood my concerns, needs, targets and accordingly provided me the roadmap. I didn't have to give up most of my favorite food items and that's what makes this so special.

I was initially very skeptical whether this will work or not but I am glad that i took the right decision.
I am still only half way through and I am sure with your help I will achieve the same.

Thank you for your guidance,

Beautiful design deit

I joined coach Anjali in Oct 23.. journey was smooth ,changing my eating habits and slowly reducing the calories to achieve the goal.
No fancy's everyday cooked food at home with protein in each meal..
I have developed a good habit of portion control and eating less carb and more protein..
I go to gym which I use to avoid but after understanding the importance of gym I see to it I go atleast 4 times a week.
I am foody so I enjoy my food the right way after meeting Anjali..
Right eating habits and regular exercise will eventually help me achieve body like my coach🤞😄