Suji Halwa

Suji Halwa
# Ingredients

- 60g Suji (C:43.8g; F:0.33g; P:5.02g; Kcal:198.25)
- 10g Desi Ghee (C:0g; F:10g; P:0g; Kcal:90)
- 33g Unflavoured Whey Protein (C:3.3g; F:0.99g; P:26.4g; Kcal:127.71)
- Sugar Free

# Preparation

1. Heat ghee in a pan and add suji. Roast it till it changes its color to light brown.
2. Add water and cook till it is absorbed.
3. Add water to whey protein till it reaches thin consistency.
4. Now add sugar-free and whey batter to the pan.
5. Mix it well and let it cook for around 2-3 minutes.
6. Serve for yourself and Enjoy.

## Macros

Carbs: 47.10g

Fats: 11.02g

Protein: 31.02g

Total Calories: 411.66 kcal

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