Soya Pizza

Soya Pizza
# Ingredients

- 50g Soya Chunks (C:16.5g; F:0.21g; P:26.29g; Kcal:173.07)
- 1 Cheese Cube, approx. 25g (C:0.38g; F:6.5g; P:5g; Kcal:80)
- 50g Wheat Flour (C:38.5g; F:0.4g; P:4.5g; Kcal:175.6)
- 20g Pizza Sauce (C:5.6g; F:2.2g; P:0.5g; Kcal:44.2)
- V eggies (onions, tomatoes, etc)
- Salt & Spices

# Preparation

1. Boil Soya Chunks and drain out the water. Chop them as small as possible.
2. Make a smooth dough using wheat flour and water. And let it rest for a few minutes.
3. Roll a little thick chapati using dough and make a few holes on it using a fork.
4. Roast the chapati in the pan without using oil/butter/ghee. And let it cool for a few minutes. This will be your pizza base.
5. Take the pizza base and spread pizza sauce over it.
6. Add your veggies, chopped pieces of soya, and grate cheese cube over it. Sprinkle spices as per your taste.
7. Heat your pan. Once it’s heated up place your pizza in it and cover it up on the low flame. Let it cook till the base seems crispy.
8. Serve for yourself and Enjoy.

## Macros

Carbs: 60.98g

Fats: 9.31g

Protein: 36.29g

Total Calories: 472.07 kcal

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