Soya Aloo Tikki

Soya Aloo Tikki
# Ingredients

- 100g Soya Chunks (C:33g; F:0.43g; P:52.57g; Kcal:346.14)
- 200g Potato (C:34g; F:0.2g; P:0.4g; Kcal:153.80)
- 10g Olive Oil (C:0 ; F:9 ; P:0 ; Kcal:81)
- Salt & Basic Spices
- Veggies (Onions)

# Preparation

1. Boil soya chunks in a container for 5 min.
2. Add small cut onions and boiled soya in a mixer and grind.
3. Boil 200 gm of Potato in a pressure cooker.
4. In a bowl, Add the grinded stuff and potato and mix properly.
5. Add salt and other spices to the mix.
6. Heat a pan and spread the oil.
7. From the mixture make small tikka shapes and shallow fry them in the pan till both the sides are light brown.
8. Serve for yourself and Enjoy.

## Macros

Carbs: 67g

Fats: 9.63g

Protein: 56.71g

Total Calories: 580.94 kcal

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