Egg Roll

Egg Roll
# Ingredients

- 1 Whole Egg (C:0g; F:5g; P:6g; Kcal:69)
- 3 Egg Whites (C:0g; F:0g; P:12g; Kcal:48)
- 40g Soya Flour (C:7.1g; F:8.6g; P:14.3g; Kcal:163)
- 15g Desi Ghee (C:0g; F:15g; P:0g; Kcal:135)
- 10g Mayonnaise (C:0.69g; F:6.34g; P:0.24g; Kcal:61.78)
- Veggies as per your choice (eg-Onions, tomatoes, Spinach, Capsicum, etc)
- Salt & Basic Spices

# Preparation

1. Make a dough of soya flour, while making a dough use 4g of ghee and a pinch of salt.
2. Roll the dough into the shape of Roti.
3. Heat a Pan and spread 4g of Ghee.
4. Put 1 of the roti you made onto the pan and let it cook from both sides.
5. Beat the eggs and add salt, spices, veggies to it.
6. Pour the mixture over a pan after spreading 7g ghee. And cook the omelet from both sides.
7. Put the omelet on the cooked roti and roll it.
8. Now on heat the roll from both sides for a minute.
9. Serve for yourself and Enjoy.

## Macros

Carbs: 9.9g

Fats: 41.7g

Protein: 35.9g

Total Calories: 558.6 kcal

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