Chai with Parle-G

Chai with Parle-G
# Ingredients
- 100g Milk (Mother Dairy’s Cow Milk) (C:4.8g; F:3.2g; P:3.2g; Kcal:60.8)
- 25g Parle G (C:19.33g; F:3.23g; P:1.25g; Kcal:113.33)
- Chai Masala, Chai-Patti (Negligible Calories)
- Adrak (Negligible Calories)
- Sugar-Free

# Preparation
1. Pour 100ml of water to a pot.
2. Add Chai-Patti and let it boil for few minutes on low flame until water absorbs its colour.
3. Add Chai Masala, Adrak and Sugar Free to it. Let it boil for another minute.
4. Add Milk and boil on low flame until the tea turns dark.
5. Serve for yourself with Parle-G and Enjoy.

## Macros
Carbs: 24.13g
Fats: 6.43g
Protein: 4.95g

Total Calories: 174.13 kcal

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