Aloo Paneer Chaat

Aloo Paneer Chaat
# Ingredients
- 200g Aaloo (C:34g; F:0.2g; P:4g; Kcal:153.8)
- 100g Paneer (C:1g; F:21g; P:18g; Kcal:265)
- 5g Desi Ghee (C:0g; F:5g; P:0g; Kcal:45)
- 50g Dahi (Classic Dahi, Mother Dairy) (C:2.5g; F:1.5g; P:1.85g; Kcal:30.90)
- Salt and Red Chilly Powder

# Preparation
1. Boil Potatoes and Cut Potatoes & Paneer into small pieces.
2. Put them in a bowl. Add salt, red chilly powder, and dahi to it. Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes.
3. Heat the pan and spread ghee.
4. Put the marinated potatoes and paneer on the pan and sauté them.
5. Serve for yourself and Enjoy.

## Macros

Carbs: 37.50g

Fats: 27.70g

Protein: 23.85g

Total Calories: 494.70 kcal

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