Why sleep is important?

Why sleep is important?

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One thing that comes close to the “Fountain of Youth” is sleep. If you haven’t slept well, you will probably feel cranky the next day or off when you try to lift heavy. In addition, if this becomes a habit, you can say goodbye to your gains and optimum health. Lack of sleep can also lead to an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and poor memorization.

But why do we lose sleep?

The most common one is binge-watching shows at night, or sleeping in small batches throughout the day can later lead to a disrupted sleeping routine. Your chances of reduced sleep can be because of travel, social events, social media, caffeine intake, etc.

Sleep is vital because!

– It helps with the recovery of your metabolic and nervous systems.

– Quality sleep helps strengthen your immunity and endocrine systems.

– A good sleep ensures that you retain a lot more in your head and helps with improved learning and memory.

– It does protect you against the common cold.

Sleep Recommendations

An average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep is a must. If you are an athlete, this can even go up to an average of 8-9 hours, if not 10.

Ensure proper sleep hygiene to make the most out of a healthy lifestyle.

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