Flexible dieting for you!

Flexible dieting for you!

Before we cover how you can approach a flexible dieting approach, we will add a technical definition that we just picked out of a simple google search.

“Diet” basically means the food that one eats, but sometimes people often use it alongside the lines of losing weight. And sometimes, it has a negative ring to it.

With the definition out of the way, we wanted to touch upon the term “flexible dieting”, popularly known as “IIFYM” – If it fits your Macros.

Who can do well with flexible dieting?

For starters, someone who has a firm grasp of the basics of nutrition and food tracking and holds a sense of awareness around the food items can get by with some amount of complacency. These people have spent enough time in the pits to understand the know-how of things and how much they can allow themselves to indulge in snacking or eating outside once in a while.

Who shouldn’t try flexible dieting?

This one will be a bummer, but we believe that starting with a slightly rigid approach with food intake and adherence might go a long way.

This way, you learn the basics of reading nutrition labels, know how to log your food intake, and can weigh or measure food with ease and low stress over time.

Closing Thoughts

Flexible dieting isn’t a necessity! However, if you are someone who prefers rigidity in their routine, do stick to that. This post doesn’t get into the extreme technical nuances that arise from time to time. It would be a great idea if you could join our communities and post away your questions around the same.

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