Don’t obsess about the scale weight!

Don’t obsess about the scale weight!

We understand that dropping numbers on the weighing scale is a boost and a target we set in our minds from time to time. And that is completely understandable. That’s a great way to get started with your fitness journey.

But, In case you ever run into those times why the scale on your weight isn’t moving at all even if you are doing all the things correctly, this piece of information might be the one you need.

Your weight can fluctuate for the following reasons, even if you accurately track the calories.

1. Change in salt intake.

2. Change in amount of fruits/ vegetables consumed.

3. Change in the number of carbohydrates consumed.

4. Added stress in life. (Physical or Emotional)

5. Lack of Sleep

The factors mentioned above are some of the common ones that can drastically influence your scale weight. However, your best bet would be not to be overly fixated on your scale weight.

Make sure that you are tracking your measurements and taking your current progress pictures to compare them weekly or bi-weekly. Those would give much better clarity in combination with the scale weight.

We touched upon this topic in more depth in one of our latest podcasts with Coach Hardik.

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