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After carrying my postpartum weight for a couple of years and being told that it was normal to look and feel a certain way after pregnancy, I knew that I wasn’t ready to accept that. So, I decided to make a change in my life and commit myself to achieving a fit and healthy body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Good Coach

Preeti is focused, firm yet a receptive and patient coach. She is flexible with the plans and recommendations as long as the choices and actions are consistent with the training objectives and goals. Has been a pleasure to have her as coach. I have benefitted from her coaching.

Preeti is a rockstar!

I can't thank Preeti enough for her exceptional support throughout my diet and fitness journey during postpartum. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Preeti's expertise and dedication have not only made the process effective but also enjoyable. She's always been there to answer my questions, offer encouragement, and provide tailored advice. Her personalized approach truly sets her apart. I highly recommend Preeti to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and supportive fitness coach.

Miraculous results

Dear Preeti
This review was long overdue and thank you for immense patience to wait for this.Even after using your plan couple of time myself this is the first review I am writing for you.Your diet plan for my Mother in law who is 70+ years old worked miraculously.At her age she was not sure about doing any diet that too when there were so many health related restrictions for her like high BP,diabetes,fatty liver and Uric acid.You customised her plan so well that in a week’s time she started feeling the change and then got confident with the plan.She not only lost weight but also got off her BP medicines and her doses of medicine for diabetes were redused to 80 percent.Can’t thank you enough for helping her and also breaking this taboo that things can’t be changed in older ages.I wish you get thousands of clients because you deserve it.Cheers

Highly qualified and Amazing coach!!

Preeti is an amazing coach, she has been so supportive, and the way she guides and explains about everything is commendable. Her tips and tricks have helped me to shed off my stubborn weight. Her diet plan is so simple yet effective. After meeting her, I could understand that it is really simple to lose weight, with simple tricks you can easily manage your hectic routine as well as diet. Thanks Preeti for being my coach over this journey.

Vaishali Joshi

Preeti Angela

Fitness journey with preeti

I am a working mother and have absolutely no time for me after office and kid and as a result i gained almost 10 kgs more than my normal weight. I suffered with bad eating habits , had no time for walk or exercise and it took toll on my health as well. I started my fitness journey with Preeti last year around July and since that day it has been a rewarding experience. She was patient and understanding while listening to me and made sure that i am on right track. From the day one she asked me to send pics of every meal and kept on correcting me with portion size and substitutions. There were days when i had no time to exercise but she kept me motivated and next day i was again waking up early making sure that today i could tell her about my calories burn and steps :-) . The best thing was she dint ask me to give up totally on small treats like mangoes or sweets , I could have everything but in control. And today i have lost almost 9 kgs, I feel light/ fresh and i like the way i have started looking (like my younger self) . Kudos to Preeti for her time investment and guidance. She is the best . Cant thank her much.

Best coach

Preeti is such a motivating and understanding coach , im a postpartum mother and she helped to lose 8kgs in 6months with very flexible diet and exercises , even though I was not able to follow 100% but she made sure im doing it and motivated me to do so. Thankyou preeti for helping me to lose weight . I highly recommend her if u wanna lose weight she is the best coach .

Sonal Retiwala

Preeti Angela

Committed coach

I have enrolled myself for a 3 month training with Preeti. People would loose weight only if they have continuous motivation and tracking.

Preeti is the one more committed than us to train us well … make us cultivate healthy eating habits and life style. Even though you if one looses track or motivation in between Preeti is always at your back to push you forward and help you achieve your dream weight. I would recommend Preeti in your weight loss journey. Thanks Preeti for your support and advice.

Great Support and guidance

I joined Preeti's coaching to lose some weight and get an understanding as to how a fitness journey looks like.
She made it seems so easy and the goals to be so achievable. the changes that occurred in my body was so startling and motivating.
The best part about training with her was the way she said "its ok, lets get back on the diet" and didnt scold me or shame me for slipping off it.
I highly recommend Preeti as a coach if you are commencing your fitness journey.