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Dr Neha Chawla

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • 2x Gold (District & Nationals 21-22)
  • INFS-Fitness & Nutrition Diploma
  • National Powerlifting Athlete
  • Strong Woman (Nationals 2021)
100 Transformations

Hello, I’m Dr. Neha Chawla, a Dentist turned Nutritionist and Strength Coach. My passion for fitness stems from the belief that it’s not just about looking good on the outside, but about feeling strong and confident from within, and leading a purposeful life.

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Duration: 12 weeks


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Highly Recommended

Neha has been instrumental in my journey towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. As someone diagnosed with CKD, I faced significant limitations in my dietary choices. However, Neha created a balanced diet and exercise regimen tailored to my specific needs.
Her approach was not only empathetic but also highly professional. She took the time to understand my condition ensuring that every recommendation she made was safe, effective, and aligned with my fitness goals. Thanks to her guidance, I have been able to incorporate a balanced diet and engaging physical activities into my daily routine without compromising my health.

I highly recommend Neha's services to anyone seeking to embark on a fitness journey.

Ananth Pasumarthi

I cannot speak highly enough of Neha's coaching expertise. My wife has been under her guidance for workouts, nutrition, and diet, and the results have been exceptional. Neha's approach is not only client-friendly but also incredibly effective. Her dedication to her clients' results is truly remarkable. Neha's knowledge, encouragement, and support have made a significant difference in my wife's fitness journey. We highly recommend Neha to anyone seeking personalized and results-driven coaching. Thank you, Neha, for your outstanding commitment and expertise!

Siddhi Shah
Excellent Coach

Dr. Neha is an excellent coach who has been instrumental in guiding me on my fitness journey. She has a keen understanding of my needs and goals. Through her personalized coaching program, she helped me establish clear and achievable fitness targets. With her ongoing feedback and support, I'm confident in reaching my goals.

Manan Vora
Neha is amazing!

Working with Neha has been a transformative experience. Her personalized approach to fitness was excellent. Each workout session was tailored to my goals, pushing me to new heights while ensuring safety and proper form.

Beyond physical gains, Neha is always instilling confidence and motivation. Her expertise extends beyond exercise, offering invaluable nutrition guidance and lifestyle tips.

I wholeheartedly recommend Neha to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable fitness mentor.

Yogesh Premchandaani
Best Coach

Neha is an extremely knowledgeable coach.
Apart from being super proficient , she is also highly empathetic and concerned about the trainees progress.
Neha is an excellent motivator without being too pushy.

For anyone wanting to take charge of their fitness goals, Neha is the go to coach!

Saurabh Shrivastava
Process-driven, results-oriented and very responsive coach

While I have been into some form of fitness and weigh-loss try-outs, signing-up with Neha turned out to be the pivotal decision if my overall-fitness aspirations. We started with understanding my preferences and abilities/limits and in few months time got to full-blown gym-sessions and a very well balanced diet that made me feel full all the times. I relied on Neha's honest assessments of weekly updates (weight, measurements, etc) and frank feedback about gym-workout videos. All those interactions were also very educational that helped me understand my own self and how I can get better.

She is very approachable and did revert on any assistance needed within a days time. Working on my blood-markers was a priority and her advice and coaching on this aspect right from the start was super helpful. I have achieved weight/fitness related goals and with the pathway that has been laid out for me by Neha, I feel confident all the remaining goals will be met soon. I've been able to adopt some positive changes in my own lifestyle that probably will help a lot in the long run.

If anyone is looking for a coach who can put an effort to understand you, push you to test your limits and at the same time motivates you to achieve your goals following a very scientific process then Coach Neha is highly recommended.

poojithaa shanmugam

Dr Neha Chawla

Perfect coach

Coach Neha taught me quantification of a simple meal plan.her knowledge on the subject is thorough, doesn’t use any fancy vocabulary. She shared videos to explain workout forms, gave good suggestions of modification exercises for my injury.She is a perfect combination of right amount of push and encouragement.she would be in constant contact to check my progress with both diet and exercise.
Would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach with lot of positive personality, experience and knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness

Thoughtful Process

Both me and my wife were looking for a coach who can guide us with empathy without promising moon in seconds, and We cam across Dr. Neha.

Dr. Neha not only made us focus on process and changing Habits but also changed us mentally on how we treat our body and importance of long term health benefits.

Not only I managed to lose almost 16 kgs in 2 qtrs, but was able to inculcate habits for better lifestyle, she managed to create an aura of trust which eventually helped both of us for our life.

She is always there to answer all the queries and guide through the process. Thank you for not only helping us the way we look but also teach us the right way to look at everything health

Anand Teke
Learnt the importance of quantification

Thank you Neha, I am grateful for your guidance and constant encouragement. I started training with her a few months before I had planned a trek in the Himalayas. I have been generally active and also exercising for the last few years, but lately I didnt have the time to manage work , work related travel, home and a kid. I had been following Neha on her twitter for a few months before I enrolled with her and I am glad for having being coached by in the last few months. Her exercise routines have helped become not just a better trekker but also agile in day to day life. She specifically introduced Bulgarian and curtsy squats in my routine which helped me immensely on strenuous treks. At the same time she gave small but very valuable tips to take short 10-15 mins between work which helped me easily achieve my step target, she also took the efforts to provide me with schedules when I was away during travel. But what she helped me most is to understand what calorie deficit means, and how it needs to be achieved. I had never looked at diet through this lens before. I would certainly recommend to work with Neha as a coach. Thank you.