Dr. Komal Deshmane

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • Clinical nutrition advanced course
  • Diploma in nutrition and fitness (INFS)
  • Kids and Adolescents Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and postpartum Nutrition and Fitness
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Do you really want to see how simple things done in the right way can transform your life? Embark on a journey to healthier and happier you with me. 

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Customer Reviews

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Healthy lifestyle

Thank you so much Komal for helping
me achieve my fitness goals. With your suggested customized diet and exercise I did have a calculated healthy weight loss and inch loss. I feel even more energetic after following the diet program. Komal was very helpful and approachable whenever I needed. She always suggested better replacements for any food items which I had doubts about. I never felt that I am starving, she made sure that I am.getting enough energy according to my needs. My food habits have definitely become better and I am now trying to have balanced proteins carbs vitamins and fibers in one meal. Best part of having these meals is the after effect of the meal. I always felt full and happy after the meal. Also I realized good balanced meals can help you achieve a lot, which self motivates you to follow the diet. Diets are very easy going just need to have them in right quantities and you are good to go. Thanks again for my healthy lifestyle.


We enrolled in the couple diet plan offered by coach Komal.
My wife wanted to work with a dietician who could help her with postpartum weight loss and I wanted to build a healthy lifestyle.

We had an incredible experience with coach Komal. Her approachability and constant motivation kept us on track. Even though we were not able to follow things 100% of the time, the personalized plan led to a satisfying 15lb weight loss for both of us within 4 months.
We're grateful for her support on this transformative journey.

We would highly recommend Komal to someone who is looking to get back to their fitness journey with simple to follow and most effective diet plan.

Ritu Kaushik

I contacted Dr komal for postpartum weight lose. I was not sure whether I will be able to achieve my target bcoz of two kids. But she gave me a simple easy to follow diet plan. Throughout the journey she was very supportive and understood my limitations of being a new mom. Despite of all this I lost 5.2 kg of weight. I m very thankful to Dr komal and will surely contact her again once I have more time for myself.


I’m feel lucky to have found Dr. Komal.
She made my fitness journey easy going.
Before enrolling to her I tried to lose weight many times but couldn’t succeed. And within first few weeks only with Dr. Komal I started seeing many changes in my health, lost many inches.
She not only gave me the sustainable plan but also helped me understand the science behind it and that made everything easy going.
Thanks coach.
Highly recommended

Dr Ruta joshi
Dr Ruta joshi

Hello All
When I contacted komal for my weight loss, to be very honest I was little bit spectical about it .. I was not sure how I would gonna follow diet routine, even I was not sure, wheather I could follow the exercise regime… But when I talked to her I was relieved. She suggested some simple dietary changes (which are easy to follow even if you have hectic work schedule) … My main concern was what I can eat whenever will go out for dinner 😋.you can’t just expect to go out and eat only a salad 🤣 but she explained me which food items I can eat. Without disturbing my diet and calories balance ..and after so many questions finally our weight loss journey starts. Komal is very perticular about follow ups. She kept track of calories and exercise. Even there were some days where I couldn’t see any progress, ahe kept me motivated. She inspired me to push my limits. And most importantly she had full faith in me and that kept me motivated. When I started this journey I was 67.8 and now I am 59.5. Thank you so much komal ..you are awesome 😎 and not just that I have started eating clean and I can see the difference ..not on just weighing scale but overall in my stamina or energy level. I feel energetic throughout day and that is what most important for me .