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Nutrition & Fitness Coach
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As a Final year MBBS student with a passion for overall health and fitness, I'm excited to guide you on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. With my medical background, I'll provide you with evidence-based practices and personalised coaching, ensuring your well-being is at the forefront. Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals while fostering a balanced and sustainable approach to health.

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Customer Reviews

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Anshul helped with my blood sugar level

Before joining the program I had an above normal HBA1C reading of 6.2. Anshul helped in designing the program with the goal of bringing this down to the normal range. After completing the program my HBA1C has indeed come down to 5.3. Kudos to Anshul.

Kiran Shetty
Brilliant online coach is Anshul

I came across Anshul on X & having followed his posts for a while decided to enroll with the focus on building lean muscle.
I was also prepping for my half-marathon during that time and Anshul helped me in that area too as he is a hybrid athlete as he likes to describe himself and not simply a gym bunny.
Anshul created customised workout routines that have helped me gain noticeable muscle & strength in the past 12 weeks. He also helped me maintain my ideal weight range suggesting tweaks to my diet on a regular basis. He is a firm believer in consistency & discipline rather than relying on gimmicks or shortcuts to attain your desired physical goal. He does not bluff his way & is not afraid to say he does not know something but can find out which is a great quality in a coach. I would readily recommend him if you are starting or re-starting your journey towards developing a fit body & mind.

Really great Coach

Anshul has this huge grasp over all the concepts related to muscle building and fitness in general and will go to lengths to help his clientele to acheive their fitness goals. Whether u r a beginner or someone who has already been going to the gym for a year or two, Anshul will really help u revamp your fitness journey with his key insights. All his coaching methods( whether it maybe diet related or exercises) are well researched by him and most importantly he only gives genuine advice which he himself has tried and tested and works. Even if it may be small queries or doubts you just hv to WhatsApp message Anshul and he will come back to u with a well researched and medically backed answer.

Anshul is a fantastic Coach

Anshul is a really helpful fitness coach. His in depth knowledge of the fitness program and diet plan was impressive. He was kind enough to explain to me the mechanics and nuances behind various exercises. I was able to adopt a much healthier diet plan and daily fitness routine with his guidance. Would definitely go with Anshul if you want the best fitness trainer.

Great Coach who provides practical and easy solutions. Always available.

My Goal was to have a lean body and gain muscle. I was very confused on which coach I would enroll in.
Then I read Anshuls thread on twitter and his journey and saw his pictures. I resonated with hi journey.

I have been skinny fat all my life and tried different things but nothing really worked eventually I gave up. Now when I became a parent I thought I should take care of my body even more and be the role model which my daughter thinks/will think I am.

I am glad I enrolled with Anshul. Although he is more than 10 years younger than me, he knows about the process in and out. I always had a fear of going to the gym due to past experiences where good muscular dudes have made fun of a novice me. So I was very afraid to go to the gym and here was Anshul, he told me the very first day that you will have to fail every day! He gave me the confidence of not only going back to the gym but also embracing the failure each day, enjoying the process everyday.

He being an MBBS was an added bonus as he also addressed a few health issues which I was facing.

His planning, guidance, diet plan, workout videos/tips everything is top notch. Even though he is currently undergoing MBBS he still answers all the queries in the quickest possible time.

Start your fitness journey with Anshul and you would be surprised with the results. I am pretty sure you will not only achieve your desired outcome but also learn so much more during the process with the help of Anshul.

Good transformation

Anshul isn't just passionate about fitness; he's also a physician. Even in his free time, he puts in extra effort to help us reach our goals. His dual expertise ensures we train safely and effectively. Thanks to his guidance, I've seen amazing changes in my health and reduced around 7 kgs in two months. He goes above and beyond to support us.

Great collaborator

One of the things that veered me towards Coach Anshul was his background in Medical science. I was particular about a medical expert addressing my Blood Levels and I found the perfect match in Coach Anshul. His detailed analysis and subsequent solution in the form of the Diet and Training Plan helped me lose 6 kgs in 3 months, which would have been more had it not been interspersed with a lot of outdoor travel for work on my part. I am very happy with Coach Anshul and will be continuing with him for the future to address my fitness. Bravo!

Makes it happen!!

Acommodating of work schedules, outstation hauls, regular Sunday outings, Anshul did it all while motivating me to give my best for the rest. Honestly was surprised with how I continued to lose weight with such an uncomplicated diet and workout schedule. Diet didn't feel like an out of the ordinary activity in my day, was tailor made as per my preferences (Also loved the recipes he kept dropping every now and then to cater to your sugar cravings😛 while being responsible). Anshul would ensure every doubt of mine was cleared despite having a busy schedule himself. The workout schedule he gave was simple yet so rewarding. Lost my quickest and most effective 5.5kgs in the process. The 'go getter' attitude starts spilling over to you which is a fun transformation by itself. Definitely a worthy investment for your own self!!

Friendly and motivating coach

I enrolled with Anshul for a weight reduction program. I was weighing 87 kgs and has prediabetic with some medical issues. Anshul with his medical background was the ideal choice for me. He understood my condition well and suggested a routine which will suit me. After 7 weeks I have notice good transformation by losing 6kgs. I am also able to walk for a longer time and feel good and healthy overall. I definitely recommend Anshul for all.

Kabir Nazir
Great coach for running!

I enrolled for 12 weeks with Anshul. I had been working out on my own for a while (mostly running) and was looking for an online coach who could train me for half marathons. I also have uneven legs and hence was also looking for a coach who would understand human anatomy better. I went with Anshul as his background of being an MBBS student, a long-distance runner and a body builder seemed like the right choice for me. Anshul helped me a lot in the 3 months I trained, to make me a better runner. I started maintaining a consistent diet with all my macros in check. I started measuring my performance on many factors periodically. I started adding strength training sessions to my regimen too. I had weekly calls with Anshul to review my progress and suggest changes to either diet, exercise, or sleep. Even with his busy schedule of studying MBBS, Anshul ensured that my needs as a client were never compromised in any way. I gained a ton of knowledge in 3 months to help me become a better runner. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to up their running game (or even bodybuilding in general).