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As a Final year MBBS student with a passion for overall health and fitness, I'm excited to guide you on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. With my medical background, I'll provide you with evidence-based practices and personalised coaching, ensuring your well-being is at the forefront. Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals while fostering a balanced and sustainable approach to health.

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Customer Reviews

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Kabir Nazir
Great coach for running!

I enrolled for 12 weeks with Anshul. I had been working out on my own for a while (mostly running) and was looking for an online coach who could train me for half marathons. I also have uneven legs and hence was also looking for a coach who would understand human anatomy better. I went with Anshul as his background of being an MBBS student, a long-distance runner and a body builder seemed like the right choice for me. Anshul helped me a lot in the 3 months I trained, to make me a better runner. I started maintaining a consistent diet with all my macros in check. I started measuring my performance on many factors periodically. I started adding strength training sessions to my regimen too. I had weekly calls with Anshul to review my progress and suggest changes to either diet, exercise, or sleep. Even with his busy schedule of studying MBBS, Anshul ensured that my needs as a client were never compromised in any way. I gained a ton of knowledge in 3 months to help me become a better runner. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to up their running game (or even bodybuilding in general).

Josela Fernandes
Anshul the fatloss magician.

Before joining Anshul i was struggling loosing weight. The process got simple after joining him and i trust him with whatever he tells as its always backed scientifically(evidence based). He gives sustainable diet with realistic expectations. he is very quick in his replies to anything that you ask him, even if its something very silly. on the days i go off track he will text and ask if everythings ok, and help me get back to routine again. Accountability is the major factor that has helped me loose 4kgs and many inches in a month even though i ate more than before, without restricting any foods. He will construct a plan that will suit my routine as my preparing for entrance exams, and try and make the process easy breezy as much as he can. He says this is just the begining of the process and is always very motivating, for now he is helping me get my 1st pull up. i am very happy to get a dedicated and passionate coach like anshul. i highly recomment anshul to erveryone starting their fitness journey.

Excellent Mentor

I started with Anshul as I wanted to transform just like him, throughout the process he has been very helpful and patient. He explains everything in detail and clears all the doubts before proceeding with plan. The main thing which helped me was accountability and his constant motivation. I dropped 10kgs in less than 3 months now looking forward to my lean bulking. Best investment of mine.

Varun Chopra
Amazing and Understanding Coach

I Enrolled with Anshul after switching from some other coach in PFC due to some issues.
My experience with Anshul has been nothing short of amazing. He was willing to go extra mile when it come to diet and tailored my workouts according to my neck condition. He was always available for my queries and feedback and always delivered the changes discussed on time.
He would follow up with you to make you accountable and push you to your limits with sustainable approach.
I dropped 8.7kgs with 3 months with Anshul and that too without starving myself. My strength level has improved tremendously despite me not going to gym so regularly due to. my neck issue.
Will be Renewing with Anshul again

Jonathan Moraes
Crazy 4 weeks with Coach Anshul

I can testify with conviction that Anshul's methods for achieving your goals are sure shot. Enrolled for a 4 week plan aiming for weight loss and muscle gain. Throughout these 4 weeks Anshul monitored my diet and workout plans. He also made a workout routine for when I couldn't go to the gym i.e. Home workouts so that I wouldn't miss out. The biggest factor is accountability towards Anshul which helped me lose almost 4 kg in these 4 weeks along with gaining muscle. The recipe I followed was just to religiously obey Anshul's simple formula of calorie deficit and a high protein diet with weight training. The first 2 weeks were tough because I used to feel hungry due to the decrease in my calorie intake but my body slowly adapted to it and the days got better with increased protein and water intake and here I am today Happy and Confident with my progress. Thanks to Anshul.