Abhijeet Singh

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • INFS Calisthenics Body Weight Training Course
  • INFS Contest Prep Specialist
  • INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Exercise Science Specialist
  • INFS Expert in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Foundation in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Yoga Exercises for Beginners
100 Transformations

If you’re looking for a fitness coach who understands the struggle of overcoming physical limitations, look no further. I am someone who has personally battled with more than 4 Spine Bulges and a herniated disc just 5 years ago. Despite these setbacks, I was able to recover from sciatica pain and even work and lift with a Rectus Hernia.

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Customer Reviews

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Vineet Mukesh Rajani
Abhijeet is an informed and patient coach.

Abhijeet is very sincere in his efforts. When I enrolled with him, he began with pateintly explaining to me how nutrition works, how workout works, and how daily activity levels are important.
I am skinny, so I thought I didn't need 10000 daily steps. He busted that myth.

I generally resist change until I am given pressing justification. I had many inhibitions and misconceptions. He is very knowledgeable. He clarified them with detailed explanations.

I can see visible improvement in my health and appearance.

I intend to extend my plan with him after the current one expires in a few weeks.

Thank you, Abhijeet.

Pradeep Balakrishnan
Life Changer!

I am a 46 year old, I considered myself reasonably healthy; have run a couple of marathons and rode multiple 220+ mile bike races. The past few years have been riddled with injuries, in all different muscle groups. When I reached out to Abhijeet, I had a torn muscle in my forearm and could not lift even 5pounds of weight. Within a couple weeks I was playing badminton with my kids and frisbee with my dog.

Abhijeet is an amazing coach to work with, he has extensive knowledge about body anatomy / mobility / flexibility / nutrition but is just as humble. I have been working with him for about six months now and my mobility, endurance and energy levels have improved drastically - I have not felt this good for many years!

Pooja Sonakiya
Pooja Sonakiya

I was introduced to Abhijeet by Kamal to help me out with my multiple injuries. I had disc bulge, QL tear and coccyx pain. Abhijeet listened to my issues very patiently and prepared a fantastic rehab workout plan for me. His rehab workout plan worked wonders and my pain reduced to almost 70% in just 3 weeks. He also helped me manage my pain in case it increased by providing care instructions which were very helpful. I would like to thank Abhishek for all the help and guidance he provided for my recovery from multiple injuries

Renu gupta
Renu gupta

Abhijeet is very talented and empathetic towards his mentees in every situation tries to help everyone, blessed to have him


Consulted with him for a IT BAND pain condition. Explained everything in detail and made me understand the movements to be done. Very good understanding of anatomy, movements and forms. It’s hard to make people understand the postures when you’re going online but he nailed it with the explanations.🙌🏻