Abhijeet Singh

Nutrition & Fitness Coach
  • INFS Calisthenics Body Weight Training Course
  • INFS Contest Prep Specialist
  • INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Exercise Science Specialist
  • INFS Expert in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Foundation in Nutrition and Training
  • INFS Yoga Exercises for Beginners
100 Transformations

If you’re looking for a fitness coach who understands the struggle of overcoming physical limitations, look no further. I am someone who has personally battled with more than 4 Spine Bulges and a herniated disc just 5 years ago. Despite these setbacks, I was able to recover from sciatica pain and even work and lift with a Rectus Hernia.

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Duration: 12 weeks


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
One of the best coach, PFC has got !

After a less-than-ideal experience with an Essential coach in 2023, I chose to enroll under Abhi Sir's for 12-weeks, seeking a more fulfilling and satisfying journey towards my fitness goals. In 12 weeks, he ensured that I eat well and perform well in lifts. Diet was normal and it was easy to adhere. The Diet & Workout he tracks through the tracker is excellent. Workout plan was exceptional.
I can see good amount of inches loss and my blood markers got notably improved. With an exceptional ability to simplify complex concepts, he effortlessly gets into topics like human anatomy, nutrition deficiency causes, and the practical usage of macros in our daily bodily functions. His expertise in the fitness sphere serves as an invaluable source of knowledge. His prowess and deep understanding within the realm of fitness stand as remarkable pillars of knowledge and expertise. He attentively listens to his clients, offering guidance whenever they find themselves at a crossroads or in need of support.
A coach with a excellent blend of technical expertise and warm/approachable nature.

Bikash Phukan
Great coach

Cleared ny doubts. Provided proper guidance. Have good knowledge. Recommended

Dr. Asheen Singh
Good coach

He is a amazing person with deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology that actually helps to do better in fitness goal.

Wonderful Coach

I had severe back issues then I got to know about Abhijeet sir.. I shared my issues with him. What in-depth Knowledge he has. He made me understand the anatomy n physiology of my body first then he discussed Why and he told HOW to get rid of my problem. He is a very humble person also. He will listen to your problem properly and will focus on the core. I am so so thankful to him that he helped me. I am grateful that I got an opportunity to talk to him. He is the best coach and very knowledgeable. Thanks again.

Rahul Shravage
Got pain free in one week

Thanks to Abhijeet’s guidance and perfect exercises I got free from my lower back pain within a week. Earlier I was doing wrong exercises to relieve myself from pain. It came back as my exercises were incorrect. Abhijeet understood the problem quickly and explain to me in detail. Then gave very clear instructions on how and what I should exercise. This has greatly helped me.
Thank you Abhijeet.