New Year Fitness Plan + Free 1 Week Yoga Session for Rs. 299

Craft the right Health & Fitness Resolutions. Expert advice on creating a routine, the healthy lifestyle. The right protocol for you to manage Nutrition, Exercise, and even Medical Conditions to kickoff your Fitness Journey in 2024!

30-Minute One-on-One Consultation

A PFC Club nutritionist will review your health history, diet, and workout history to help you set a realistic fitness goal.

Workout Routine & 7 Day Yoga Session

Tailored to fit your lifestyle and fitness level.

Get in the rhythm of practising Yoga with a 7 day session series when you enrol with us.

Lifestyle Adaptation Guidance

Protocol with steps to implement sustainable lifestyle changes.

Qualified Nutritionists

Our team comprises certified professionals with expertise in managing various physical and health conditions.

Scientific and Evidence-Based Approach

Our methods are grounded in scientific research, ensuring effectiveness for everyone.