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Ashutosh Ray
Karn Raj Singh Mandloi
Highly Recommend Ashutosh for Personal Training

I started my journey with Ashutosh in March 2024. I was not a beginner; I knew a few bits and pieces about workout and diet, but I was struggling to get results. In my 12 weeks journey, Ashutosh helped me with customized workout and diet plans. We experimented with multiple things and executed the things that worked best for me. He also helped me resolve my basic doubts regarding fitness and diet in general.

A few advantages to working with Ashutosh:
- He listens to you peacefully. Then creates a plan that suits your lifestyle.
- He will help you with all the basics of every change that he makes in your workout and diet.
- Talks on logic and scientific facts, no bullshit.
- Understands your strength and weakness. He know where you need to focus and improve.
- Sets practical and achievable goals.

The best thing: When you work with him, you need to make sure that you OWN your fitness. He is not someone who will bug you again and again for updates. The more honest you are with him, the better will be the results he will help you achieve. He is quick and responsive with everything.

If you are looking for a coach that can help you achieve your fitness goals, Ashutosh is the right person. He will make you, if not an expert, but at least someone who knows that they are doing with their fitness. You can make your own decisions in terms of workout changes and diet.

Thank you so much Ashutosh for your time, efforts, and patience. All the best :-)

Great mentor and guide

Kamal sir has had a significant impact on my fitness journey since I started working with him. His knowledge is immense and he always gives you confidence that you’ll do better. Even when I went off for a few days or a week, Kamal sir guided me to how let bygones be bygones and focus back on the routine. In a nut shell, Kamal sir ensures that he supports you both physically and mentally, during your journey with him. Highly recommended!

Ashutosh Ray
Sneha Bharti
PFC ashutosh ray review

I was very unaware of diet domain when I started how it impacts the body by doing small changes and differences in lifestyle.I learnt a lot how to quantify my meals ,be consistent on my workout, improve health issues and how much calories and what intake is valuable for me for my body. He has always listened to my concerns and doubts and provided a curated work through plan for me to follow which made it very easier for me to progress in this journey.I always raised my questions and shared my mishaps if I went out a little from the detailed plan but then too I was always given a reroute map to again come on track to achieve my aim.I am very satisfied and have learnt a lot about the dietary needs for my body which will help me after this end of subscription also I thank him for all the knowledge he has provided me to work on my progress throughout my life.I recommend him for everyone who want to have a very friendly coach who would guide you in your healthy journey

Ashutosh Ray
Abinash Sethi | IT professional
You truly enhanced my elegance on my wedding day!

Being occupied by my demanding corporate job and an unplanned diet, I approached Ashutosh merely a month before my wedding, hoping to achieve the perfect look, fitness, and elegance within such a short timeframe. At that time, I weighed around 77 Kgs, and Ashutosh's consultation advised me to shed at least 4 kgs based on my age and height. Thanks to his well-structured diet plan, regular follow-up calls, and genuine guidance, I successfully managed to lose 4 Kgs, reaching a weight of 72.9 Kgs just before my wedding day. Ashutosh proved to be an exceptional coach, and I highly recommend his services!

Ashutosh Ray
Srabanti Roy

I signed up for Ashutosh's coaching in order to quickly get into shape for a wedding. I had only a month's time and was not sure if I could lose even 2 kg. But the amazing instructor that he is, Ashutosh helped me trim down by 6 kg. That too while ensuring that diet changes were not drastic and workouts not too exhausting. The best thing he did for me was to inculcate discipline which is going to last for a long time now. Also, he's extremely patient, helpful and a great communicator. Heartily recommended for those looking to shed weight the healthy way!

Yash Rathod
Amrit S Jain
True Professional

Yash has been a good mentor, was punctual with checkins, quick to take decisions as he was quick to replace few things which didn't suit me. Though I didn't achieve 100% of what my goal was but still I am satisfied with the result seeing the effort he put in. Just a kind suggestion from my side is that Yash should be more clear about the duration of plan that is offered.

Satej Gohel
Mrunmayi Pandit
Little appreciation

A little gratitude post reflecting all good that happened in 2024. One of the best decision was to enroll with Satej Gohel to begin my fitness journey. Today I am little lighter and a lot & happier. :)

Good Coach

Preeti is focused, firm yet a receptive and patient coach. She is flexible with the plans and recommendations as long as the choices and actions are consistent with the training objectives and goals. Has been a pleasure to have her as coach. I have benefitted from her coaching.

Scientific in Real Sense

I have always been skeptical about online training programs.
However, I decided to give it a try with Coach Amit Sir to see if it was worth the investment.

From the very beginning, Coach Amit ensured that all my queries were answered promptly. He never left any question unanswered. Through his guidance, I not only transformed my body but also my mindset. I learned a lot from him about how nutrition works and what a proper diet really means.

As a beginner, I struggled with executing workout forms correctly. Coach Amit reviewed every workout himself and provided valuable tips. I never imagined I would be able to do pull-ups in my entire life, but today, I can proudly say that I can do 3-4 pull-ups without any support.
Starting from 82kgs in this 24 weeks I reached to 73 kgs and I'm really happy about what I did.

All thanks to him for always being there for me, keeping me motivated when I was down, trusting in me, and helping me push my limits.

Somesh Pal
Bishnu Mohan ohan Nayak
Review for somesh

Hello All,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Mr. Somesh about my fitness journey. It has been absolutely a great revelation for me how dedicating some time towards daily exercise and having a disciplined, mindful diet can transform your body. When I started my journey, my primary goal was weight gain. While I have gained about 2 Kgs in approximately 2.5 months but there are other benefits that I would like to highlight:

1. I have increased my strength and can now lift more weight.
2. Feeling very active and can complete my daily chores with more focus.
3. My sleep efficiency has increased.
4. Overall I have become healthier than I used to be.

These achievements would not have been possible without the continuous guidance of Mr. Somesh. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to him and each one of you for helping me to be a better human being.

Somesh Pal
My Fitness Journey with Somesh

Dear PFC Team,

My fitness journey started with PFC, under Coach cum Friend Somesh. Initially I enrolled for a 12-week program and then went for renewal.

To be frank, there were so many slip-ups planned during that 3 month that I feared weight gain and thought enrolling would be foolish. I had 2 vacations, Visit to my native in Rajasthan for more than a week, 2 Marriages. But I went ahead with my subscription.

With so many diversions planned during the 12-week periods, My aim at the end of the program was to at least be at my starting weight and not overshoot it. With so many cheat meals, travel, less workouts - to my surprise I did lose weight and gained some muscle strength. My blood markers improved. Many of the parameters were at the border limit before my subscription but now falling under the desirable range.

Somesh did explain very well the importance of protein and portion control. That was always at the back of my mind while having my cheat meals.

Diet plan shared was sustainable and built around the foods that I consume regularly, ensuring I never felt hungry. It didn’t contain fancy food items.

His friendly approach, patience to understand the personal/ professional issues, consistent follow-ups and calmness during calls/ replies is wonderful and appreciative.

He has infused a self-belief in me that I can achieve the fitness goals that I strive for, and in the right and sustainable manner. Now I understand the importance of portion control, strength training, and steps.

Really heartfelt appreciation for the incredible guidance and support I received from my Guru Somesh.

And his 5 – 6 pointer tips that he shares frequently on the Telegram PFC community are insightful.

All the best to Guru Somesh and the entire PFC community! Keep growing and making people fitter.

Akhila Vadrevu
Ganji sai ramya
I wanted to lose weight and be fit and healthy life

I came to akhila first for weight loss after that can make my mindset towards weight plan and healthy lifestyle so easily and she give diet plan which fill all type sources so that I can mindful about my eating through out the day

Yash Rathod
Impressive results with Yash

Yash has been instrumental in my fitness journey. His tailored workouts led to significant fat loss and muscle gains for me. His approach is not just about exercise; it’s about sustainable health. For anyone looking to transform their body and mindset, Yash comes highly recommended!

Yash Rathod
Dipali Patel
Amazing results!

This program really works! I had been trying to gain weight for a long time on my own without success , but this program finally helped me achieve my goal. Yash created and modified the program according to my physicality /pace/ lifestyle. Excellent job!

Great experience

It's great experience with Anjali
I had started my fitness journey with her
It help me out to correct my eating habits
Still long to go....
But now I am conscious about what I am eating .

Abhishek Singhal
Abhishek .
Great experience with him

I got in touch with him through PFC club and it was first time that i was about to follow a diet. Abhishek coaching was spot on and was very cooperative in terms of response to the queries i had. Keeps asking in every checkin do u want anything to add in diet u love to eat so that we dont get derailed from diet..Only bcoz of this i was able to shredd 5-6Kgs in almost 5 weeks...Will recommend his coaching anytime...👍👍

Priya Rai
Deepika Raizada
Feedback on my Weight loss journey with Priya

I am delighted to share my feedback on my recent fitness journey, during which I successfully lost 10 kg within 3 months, dropping from 78.5 kg to 68.5 kg. This transformation wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable guidance and support of Priya.

My husband and I embarked on a couple's plan, and he also experienced visible differences, dropping a couple of inches in size without significant weight loss as he already in right weight range.

Unlike my previous diet experiences with other platforms, Priya was always available and in constant communication through WhatsApp and calls. We are both very thankful to Priya, and I am happy to continue my journey towards my goal of getting in 50's with you by renewing my plan.

Abhishek Singhal
Rahul Singh
Great fitness coach

I found him an exceptionally well coach. Treat you and motivate you as a friend. During my fitness journey he has helped a lot, And it is because of him only I was able to shed around 5kgs in little span. He remains constantly in touch and guide well towards the goal.

Kamal Saini
Swapnil Thakur
Training with sir for over 20 weeks now

From day one, he's been dedicated to understanding my fitness goals, and his unwavering support has been instrumental in my bulking journey. His consistent communication and tailored workout plans have not only helped me achieve significant gains but have also kept me motivated every step of the way. Thanks to his expertise and encouragement, I've seen remarkable progress & I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals effectively. I believe the results could have been even better if I had been able to give my absolute best. Haha

Nice experience

As a fitness coach, he was very understanding, supportive, and friendly. Though it was a short time, it was a nice experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Priya Rai
Vatsala Nema
Trainer review

Priyaji's personalized training and regularly scheduled checkins were very helpful in beginning my fitness journey. I am very grateful to her for embibing a conscious mindset within me.

Somesh Pal
Heera Luthra
Review for somesh

Somesh boss is very soft spoken n is really helpful during initial days of journey of fat loss when u need them most. As initially it was very difficult to stop all those cravings of sweet tooth, he motivated me well n answered all my silly questions regarding diet n exercise. He gave me good diet plan as well as good exercise schedule. I was already going to gym before I enrolled with him . He gave me basic nutrition simple exercise to do . I thought that I m already doing more exercises than prescribed how can this help me but to my surprise I lost almost 2 kg in first week itself , that motivated me to follow his plan more rigorously. Somesh was always there to help me out when ever I had bad time during diet or exercise, I was able to share with him my cheat meals too but those cheat meals kept on decreasing when he use to tell me everything in more scientific way n he actually oversimplified all those tasks which were looking Herculean earlier. I lost almost 7 kg wt which he promised at start of journey, now I feel more energetic n I will recommend others to join pfc n esp enroll with Coach Somesh

Abhijeet Singh
Highly recommended

"I cannot thank Abhijeet enough for his invaluable support in my journey to recovery from shoulder pain. His extensive knowledge of fitness, rehabilitation, and nutrition was evident in every piece of advice he offered. His guidance was not only informative but also incredibly practical and effective. With his help, I was able to regain strength and mobility in my shoulder much quicker than I anticipated. I highly recommend his mentorship to anyone seeking expert guidance in the realm of fitness and rehabilitation. Thank you for everything Abhi!"

Good transformation

Anshul isn't just passionate about fitness; he's also a physician. Even in his free time, he puts in extra effort to help us reach our goals. His dual expertise ensures we train safely and effectively. Thanks to his guidance, I've seen amazing changes in my health and reduced around 7 kgs in two months. He goes above and beyond to support us.

A Transformative Journey with Coach Amit

Embarking on a weight loss journey can often feel like navigating through a labyrinth of fad diets and empty promises. Having undergone multiple cycles of weight fluctuations and experimented with various diet trends like Keto and meal replacements, I approached my enrollment with PFC and selection of Coach Amit with cautious optimism. However, what ensued surpassed my initial skepticism, leaving me not just satisfied but genuinely impressed with the efficacy of their approach.

From the outset, PFC demonstrated a commitment to precision and individualisation that set them apart. Conducting a comprehensive full-body assessment, they meticulously tailored a regimen that factored in not just my goals but also my unique physiological makeup and capabilities. This scientific foundation instilled confidence from the get-go, assuring me that I was in capable hands.

One of the standout features of my experience was Amit's attentiveness to my concerns and limitations. Suffering from lower back pain, I had reservations about certain exercises. Yet, rather than adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Amit provided tailored suggestions and alternative routines that accommodated my condition without compromising the effectiveness of the workout. This personalized attention not only mitigated any apprehensions but also empowered me to push past perceived barriers.

The dietary aspect of the program was refreshingly straightforward. Eschewing convoluted meal plans, PFC's approach emphasized simplicity and sustainability. While initial progress may have been slower than anticipated, the team's willingness to iterate and adapt ensured that we eventually hit our stride. Through a series of adjustments and fine-tuning, we honed in on a regimen that yielded tangible results.

Seven months into the program, the numbers spoke for themselves: a staggering weight loss of over 10 kilograms. This transformation was not merely a testament to the efficacy of PFC's methodology but also a reflection of the unwavering support and guidance provided by Coach Amit. His expertise, coupled with the holistic approach embraced by PFC, has not only catalyzed my physical transformation but also cultivated a newfound sense of confidence and vitality.

In conclusion, my journey with Coach Amit and PFC has been nothing short of transformative. For anyone seeking a science-backed, personalized approach to fitness and weight loss, I wholeheartedly recommend entrusting your goals to this exceptional team.