How does it work?

Video call with coach

This is the first step of your transformation journey with us, on this call convey everything that you expect and look forward to, throughout your transformation journey.

Start your plan

No plan fits all, so our coaches customise and curate a plan for you from scratch.

Weekly Check-ins

Weekly check-ins via video call, constant WhatsApp Support, and adjustments in plans according to work schedule and social life.

What do you get?

  1.  Customised and personally tailored plan, cooked and uncooked food measuring options (Glass, bowls, pieces, grams)
  2.  Weekly changes in diet according to progress or your preferences.
  3.  Multiple replaceable options for food items along with a community made recipe book.
  4.  Quantified nutrition plan (With whatever is readily available at your ease), no detox, no juice diet, not starving yourself.
  5.  Everything based on scientific and research backed methods.
  1.  Workout Chart as per your preference whether home/gym setup along with demo links.
  2.  Changes in plan according to your progress and goals.
  3.  Plan based on existing injuries and muscle imbalances.
  4. Form correction on WhatsApp and form feedback on your workout video.
Progress Tracking
  1. Sheet to track your steps, sleep, measurements.
  2. Diet followed & Workout done checklist to help you stay accountable.
  3. Weekly video calls with coach.
Coaching & Community
  1.  Be a part of PFC exclusive community with 700+ members, where you will stay up to date on latest offers from PFC, discounts on renewals, accountability and much more. Stay a member even after you plan ends
  2.  You learn all the basics of Nutrition and Training in 6 months by following, what to eat, what to avoid, calories estimation.
  3. Mentorship from coach in helping you make better decisions.

How to enrol?

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select a coach (You can filter them according to the slab) with this link:

Step 3

Select a plan, in coach profile you can the duration a plan, click on enrol

Step 4

Choose a payment method (UPI, Net-banking, Debit/Credit card)